Golf Injury Prevention and TPI

Do you know what your golf swing looks like?  If not, you are not alone.  Having your swing evaluated by a Certified TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Pro for its “Swing Characteristic” is a vital part of your game.  There are a multitude of characteristics which all have an impact on your game and more importantly your body.  The type of “Swing Characteristic plays a vital role in the ability of your body to function at its highest level and provide the best sequencing for your swing in order to get the most power and production and reduce your risk for injury.  Depending upon your swing you may be limited in your core strength, flexibility and stability in particular regions of your body.  Knowing how to address these issues is a specialty of Momentum Healthcare.  Let us help you improve your body’s ability to be stronger, less prone to injury and subsequently up your game! At Momentum Healthcare we can perform a TPI Evaluation to discover your physical mechanical deficits and prescribe a custom work out to stabilize you and implement soft tissue  techniques via Graston and ART (Active Release Technique) to increase your mobility.  WE will work with your golf pro to incorporate your golf swing characteristic too!

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